Opening Clinical Laboratories in Rural Areas

Grant to Has Been Issued for the Opening of a Medical Laboratory in Priozersk

Thanks to participation in the grant program, which our Fund is implementing jointly with the largest private laboratories in the country, Ivan Lavrinenko, the entrepreneur, under the INVIVO franchise, has been able to open a biomaterial drawing point in Priozersk city of Karaganda region.
Despite the fact that the point is located far from the regional center, 560 km away, it is one of the most equipped; the qualified personnel work here, who render high-quality medical diagnostics services on a daily basis.
The plans now include other district centers of Karaganda region, whose residents cannot access the services of Olymp or Invivo companies in their places of residence.
Our grantee gives the first 100 clients a 10% discount in honor of the opening! Recall that the biomaterial drawing point is located at the address: 5/1, Dostyk Street, Priozersk city (main entrance from the courtyard), +77086468120 Anel.